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Love Icontest was started on June 27th, 2005. We will be having a variety of themed contests that will be held weekly. Sometimes you will be given a cap that you must use and others you will be able to use whatever one you like. There will be four winners everyweek. Sometimes more if there are ties. There will be First place, Second place, Third place and Mod's Choice. You will not need posting access to enter any of the challenges. Just simply comment to the post. All comments are screened so no one will see your icon.


♥ You are allowed to enter up to two (2) icons per challenge.
♥ Non animated entries must be saved as .JPG or .PNG anything else will be disqualified.
♥ When voting time comes you may only vote for 3 icons. No more, no less. If you do not vote for 3 icons then your vote will not be counted for.
♥ Only community members may vote.
♥ Do not ask others to vote for you and do not vote for yourself.
♥ If you have any comments/questions, put them here.


When entering you will need to post the URL to your icon as well as the image it's self. So when you are entering your comment should look like this,


A new challenge is posted Monday. You have untill Friday at 11:00 pm eastern time to get in your icons. Voting begins on Saturday and will end Sunday at 11:00 pm eastern. To view eastern time, you may go here.


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We are always looking for affiliates, ask here.